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Hi, I need help with this question because every time I try and calculate it I get different answers.




I need to find the amplitude, period and midline...







 Apr 30, 2019
edited by Guest  Apr 30, 2019
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Can you try to take a snippit of the question?

 May 2, 2019

The answers are not going to be exact but


For midline I would add the 6 numbers and then divide by 6 to get the average.


The amplitude is decreasing over time so I don't think you can give it a set value.


The period is the time taken for the wave to start repeating itself.

the crests seem to be at about  

4am on the 26th April,    4am on the 27th april,  4am on the 28th April. ....   etc

So what do you think the period is?

 May 5, 2019

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