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An artist is designing a kite like the one show below. Calculate the area to determine how much material she will need to create the kite.
A kite with two top triangles with height of 5 inches and a base 7.5 inches. The bottom two triangles share the base but have a height labeled 14 inches.

 Feb 9, 2019

We have two triangles....one with a height of 5 inches and the other with a height of 14 inches

And both have  the same base = 7.5 inches


So.....the total area is just the area of both triangles =


(1/2) base ( 14 + 5) =


(1/2) (7.5) ( 19)   =  71.25 square inches



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 Feb 9, 2019
edited by CPhill  Feb 9, 2019

Hello thanks for answering my question but I dont thinck that is wright because I do not have a option for your answer my formula is length times with = 1/2 

Pigglepoox2007  Feb 11, 2019

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