I have an idea to stop cheaters, or just people that dump homework and don't explain in general.


First, we could have a character minimum so people can explain what they've tried. In case some people try to get over the limit by typing gibberish hopefully we can incorporate a system to detect that.


Next, a lot of the users of this site are from AoPS. A lot of people just dump their AoPS homework problems on the site without any explanation. If we had some trusted AoPS users that "patrol" the site that would be great. This may be taking it a bit far, but every week these "patrollers" would copy-paste their AoPS questions for the week into the web2.0 system and if someone asks that exact question, it will be rejected.


The final idea is to have a "title detector." If a question's title just reads "Help" or "DUE TOMORROW," the detector would reject that and tell the user to make the title more comprehensive, like "Number Theory proof based on mod 5."


Tell me what you think in the comments!



 Jun 20, 2020

Yeah, I think that is great but, I think people should still be able to ask aops questions. I suggest to not give an answer just give hints! In some of the questions, I asked I only ask for hints! I do aops, so when I have a question I ask for hints! I think asking for hints is alright! :)! But asking for the outright answer is wrong! I also think about the title thing is helpful! I don't think we should force them into having to put the exact correct title for the question, but encourage people to do it! That's my take on this problem! We should give hints and ask them to explain what they have tried. If they haven't tried anything and he is stumped give them a place to start! This is my take on this question(, its not like this has to be done!)

 Jun 20, 2020

I agree with Sarvajit, even though he/she is kinda biased as his/her questions are sometimes AoPS.


I do agree with giving hints. Less work on our side while hoping to give them a better future.


*oof, I see Sarvajit says he/she does post*


Not exactly the right title, but if it's counting, say counting. Algebra, algebra. Rearrangement, rearrangemetn...


you do have a question titled "... complementary counting"


This does help us answer because it's telling us the best way to do it is the way written, and if some of us don't know complementary counting, say, we would let the people who are better at that do it.

hugomimihu  Jun 20, 2020





Oh you could do that, I mean I used to be one, then you'd be targeted by some rude Guest who subtracted a total of over 200 points from my score.


Character minimum? The question is probably enough.


AoPS questions are copyrighted under US Copyright Law.


Not a great idea to do it, but if you gain permission, you could add it to sticky topics and a comprehensive list of AoPS questions, by topic.


Then, CPhill pretty much abandoned us, Melody supports answering AoPS, and also not that active.


Title detector? there are too many combinations... let me list some


Pls help 

PLS help

Pls HeLp

Plz help



plz help due tomorrow

plz help due 30 min

plz help due in 30 min




CPHILL plz help

heureka plz help

melody pls help

asinus plz help


Yeah all the top 10 and with different variations, pls/plz, caps, etc




I mean it's a good idea. This way we can easily see which questions we have the ability to answer.



However, this issue has gone on too long without resolve.


Too deep to solve.


No one types gibeerish anymore.


We could just make an account necessary and can track usernames who post questions a lot, or answers a lot.


Eventually, like me, you'll understand that the effort simply isn't worth it.


AoPS are paid. The students who cheat are wasting money. Why would we care?


If a person cheats with homework, who cares if they aren't successful in the future?


Who cares?


Why would we spend time to ensure peoples future, when they obviously don't care?

Why do we spend time not working to shape ours, and instead, others?

 Jun 20, 2020

I'm sure there are some coders out there that can make it non case-sensitive and such, but yes there is a lot to cover still.

CoolStuffYT  Jun 23, 2020

But then, what makes me disappointed in this site and want to leave it?


When people don't give full answers, with explanations, and (usually wrong), and the people who don't reply, don't say "thanks" or "could you clarify". 


People who say thanks are polite and grateful, since they are stuck, "could you clarify" means that they dont' understand something and want to learn.


These people who say these things are people I respect.


People who write one line answers, or say "wrong", are just shameful.


Coolstuff, you'll have to realize that the system is fixed beyond repair.


Then, we have the people who come here with tests, grammar, etc


Don't get me started on that.

 Jun 20, 2020
edited by hugomimihu  Jun 20, 2020

A lot of AOPS questions are taken from MATHCOUNTS though.

notsmart2.0  Jun 20, 2020



Only some alcumus ones are. 


AoPS makes mosst.

hugomimihu  Jun 20, 2020

What is aops?

Unicornrabbit  Jun 20, 2020



It's the Art of Problem Solving...


also means


Artic offshore patrol boat




automated office protocol standard

hugomimihu  Jun 20, 2020

Oh i looked it up sounds cool

Unicornrabbit  Jun 21, 2020

Oh you could do that, I mean I used to be one, then you'd be targeted by some rude Guest who subtracted a total of over 200 points from my score.


You should know, Hugo, I meant to do 1200 points. Your point deductions are not just for obnoxiously reprimanding the cheating AoPS posters.   Nope… there is more to it than that. You often usually post second-rate rubbish answers, thinking your lick and a prayer makes it a wondrous gift worthy of Zen contemplation. IT’S NOT! It’s worthless and irritating! Even more irritating than your griping about APoS cheats. 


You do not have the skills or experience to teach math in form of (worthless) hints. Even if you did have these skills, a public forum is not the place for it. It’s cumbersome and laborious –even for those to whom it is directed.  You may notice that none of the sites that teach, such as PurpleMath.com and KhanAcademy.org or sites that tutor, such as math.stackexchange and MathHelpForum.com, use that method. AoPS may use it, but only in private chats, where feedback is quick, and the hints are customized for the individual student.   


Other reasons for your point deductions: you post large amounts of obiter dictum and just plain bullshit, and then you inflate your score by pointing up all of your posts multiple times. You are entitled to your opinions, but why do think that you are entitled to all those points?


Your arrogance is magnified by the fact that you also give very few points to others.  Why are you so stingy? Are the other answers beneath you?  Maybe you just max-out your point allocation and do not have any left for anyone else. 


While the above is very annoying, the most irritating aspect is that you actually could present respectable answers. You actually do that occasionally, so I know you can (at least some of the time).  You really should present respectable answers more often –you could really use the practice!


You should also keep in mind that arrogance is a poor substitute for knowledge and practiced skill.   

 Jun 20, 2020
edited by Guest  Jun 20, 2020

Ok. Maybe I'm not an adult with some diploma in education.


Sure, maybe not all my answers, are ANSWERS.


But maybe, I've been answering lots of questions.


And maybe, those answers actually contain a correct answer.


Your failure to see beyond those limited hints, are making you feel that I do not want to help.


I do.


And also, the people who have replied to my, hints, and said that they actually helped get the right answer!


Yes, I'm no expert at education.


I don't look to be one either.


I will repeat, I do not inflate points.


Besides, you can't even add more than one.


So, of course, you know adding a point is called "inflation"


I don't give minus points to those who are incorrect or don't agree with me, and I add points to others' answers when I feel they are well written.


So yes, maybe they are useless. Maybe they are also the first 1 or 2 steps to solving.


Maybe, some people actually learned from them.

Stop focusing on my (and i admit), "rubbish answers," focus on the majority.

hugomimihu  Jun 20, 2020

Yes, I do admit I have my flaws.


Im not the best at math.


Please understand that I do try to give helpful hints.

if you feel that giving more elaborate hints or just the answer I will do so.

hugomimihu  Jun 21, 2020

I will agree to help solve any problems but people should stop arguing whenever there is a conflict this ebsite is for answering questions anyways I will help no matter who the poeple are I won't be mean and argue but I don't really like to argue with someone because it is bad for us both because we both lose points and have anger which is bad

jimkey17  Jun 21, 2020

I've tooken a look at purplemath and I have a khanacademy account when I was 5.They are all great websites I learned to code with scratch when I was young and now i'm doing khanacademy for history, ELA, and math

jimkey17  Jun 21, 2020

 As long as we are making a Wish List of filters....

toss out all questions that have a link to the actual question

toss out all postings that have multiple independent questions or links  !!  cheeky

 Jun 21, 2020

Its me sarvajit btw, Guest that is really rude! You could have restated the way you said that inna nicer way! You cant just hate on him! That is asurdly rude man, cmon! We all have flaws, INCLUDING YOU GUEST! I can point out your flaws but I dont! Hugo might not be a a private math tutor with a ton of degrees, but at least he is giving an attempt to try, and help people! Be kind to people who help in society! I forgot my password-sarvajit @hugomimihu

 Jun 21, 2020
edited by Guest  Jun 21, 2020

Thanks, sarvajit.


If you forgot your password click "forget password" and you can send a password reset email to the email you registered.

hugomimihu  Jun 21, 2020

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