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An oceanographic research ship's submersible vehicle is at a depth of 1583 meters when it begins a steady ascent. If it rises at a rate of 68 meters per minute, how many minutes will it take the submersible to reach a depth of 631 meters?

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 Jul 2, 2018

If it takes 68 meters per minute for the ship's ascent, the question is asking us to find how many minutes it will take reach 631 meters.


First, the ship is at a depth of 1583 meters, so to reach 631 meters, it has to go: \(1583-631=952\) meters.


We also have our proportion: 68 meters every 1 minute, so 952 meters in \(\frac{952}{68}=\boxed{14}\) minutes.



 Jul 2, 2018

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