A, B & C form the vertices of a triangle. ∠ CAB = 90°, ∠ ABC = 43° and AB = 9.3. Calculate the length of AC rounded to 3 SF. what is AC?

Japhiru  Mar 30, 2017

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tan theta = 0/a

tan 43 = x/9.3

x = 9.3xtan43

x = 8.67

(i think this is pretty much right, but to be sure can someone check?)

Japhiru  Mar 30, 2017
edited by Japhiru  Mar 30, 2017

First, I suggest drawing a picture of what the problem says so you can see what I'm talking about.

I would upload one, but I can't right now on this computer.


tan = opposite / adjacent


Plug in the numbers you know.

tan 43º = AC / 9.3


Multiply both sides by 9.3 .

9.3tan43º = AC


Put this into a calculator to get that

AC ≈ 8.672


You had it right!! smiley

hectictar  Mar 30, 2017
edited by hectictar  Mar 30, 2017

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