Angle C is a right angle. Find the side indicated to the nearest tenth. Find c if b=11.9, m∠B=20°


A.) 45.2

B.) 43.1

C.) 42

D.) 34.8



Help me quickly please!!!

 Mar 12, 2022

You have not shown any interest in the last question that I answered for you ..

so why would I bother answering this question?

 Mar 12, 2022

Dude... I'm not on here all the time, cmon don't be mean. I'm new to this place. And I did show interest in the answer you gave, I was just waiting to be sure it was correct. I have to turn it in and wait for the grade.

DFO627  Mar 12, 2022
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That just makes me even less impressed by you.

You have copied my answer becasuse you do not know if it has any validity. (You understand none of it)

You are going to turn it in as your own work.

Then, after you get a graded you will consider if it is deserving of any thanks. 


You are not here all the time. Only long enough to dump your questions and collect your answers.

You have no interest in learning. You just want copiable answers.


Yah right, I get it.

Melody  Mar 12, 2022

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