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What is the vertex of the graph of \(f(x)=a|bx-1|+c\)?

I am confused as to how I reach it since it has no real numbers and I cannot graph it...

How do I reach it?

 Jun 21, 2018

The  x  coordinate of the vertex is the  x  value that makes whatever is in the absolute value be  0  .


So to find the  x  coordinate of the vertex, set what is inside the absolute value equal to  0 .


bx - 1  =  0      Now let's solve this equation for  x .

bx  =  1

x  =  1/b


To find the  y  coordinate of the vertex, plug in the  x  coordinate of the vertex into the function.


f( 1/b )  =  a | b(1/b) - 1 | + c

f( 1/b )  =  a | 0 | + c

f( 1/b )  =  c


So the vertex is  (1/b, c)


Take a look at this graph and try moving the sliders to help see it:


 Jun 21, 2018

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