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Final Exam is on Friday and I wanna know the best way to study.

 Jun 5, 2018

Hey Radiational!


The best ways to study are to go over the parts of the exam that you are least familiar. Cover your weak points and focus your time where you need it the most. Although you don't need to spend all day prepping parts you already know, you still need to review briefly. Also, take breaks. Don't study 4 hours in a row, go outside and shoot some hoops. This will give you time to relax and calm down. Don't overdose on drugs. Too much coffee or cola is bad for you, as the caffeine is overdosing. In addition, eat healthy with plenty of vitamins and supplements. The day before the test, sleep well and don't study. On the test day, be confident and don't stress out. Good luck 

 Jun 5, 2018


Radiational  Jun 6, 2018

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