So, I am really bad with managing my time during tests and sadly my math teacher told us that we will only have 80 minutes to complete the test. I am really stressed and I would really appreciate it if i could get some tips from you guys so I can have the ability to actually finish the test :) 

Thank you so much! 

Remember, even the smallest tip will help :-) 

 Sep 5, 2019

Go through the entire test answering those questions that you can easily (or that believe you can easily) answer first.


Only then come back and attack problems you don't immediately see the answer to.


If you find yourself really getting bogged down in a problem move on.


Basically save the hardest problems for last.

How do you know which ones are the hardest problems?  Well that's the trick isn't it.

 Sep 5, 2019

thank you so much!! :) 

Nirvana  Sep 5, 2019

hey Rom, not sure if you see this but i just wanted to thank you!! because of your awesome tips, i was able to get everything done on time :) 

Nirvana  Sep 6, 2019

So dont do what I do, this is what happens to me during math competition tests. DO NOT FOLLOW MY WAYS


stage 1

*sees first problem*       OH SHOOT ITS REALLY HARD


*contemplates how hard the rest of the test is based on the first problem*


*wastes 1 minutes panicking and contemplating*


stage 2


decides to work hard and actually do first problem


*finished first problem*      Oh its actually not that bad


stage 3


because of finishing first problem, i go on a roll and finish like 80% of the test


stage 4


*looks at time*


*realizes that life is a lie*


ok now lets just panic


lets spend two minutes contemplating how sad I will be when I fail this test


ok now I will actually will do the hard problems I skipped


*finishes one problem after hard work and deep thinking*


Stage 5


ten seconds left


guess guess guess


help me mah life is bad


timer goes off


person starts collecting tests


relaxes even though i failed the test

 Sep 5, 2019

ok but why is that me 

Nirvana  Sep 5, 2019

i think he meant himself

CalculatorUser  Sep 5, 2019

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