Why are there some people who use AOPS that ask every single question they get each week, and don't acually learn from the answer some of the telented peaple on this site give them?  Just wondering...

 Nov 27, 2018

I don't know because I'm not one of them (and I don't mean to offend anyone here). I think it's just because the AoPS questions are super tricky. I don't know anything about the not learning part, though.

 Nov 27, 2018

It is because a lot of people get through life by cheating.

Mostly it catches up with them.

If their courses are exam based in a non-internet environment then they will never pass.

It is a failing of this site however, the nature of it does support people whose only desire is to gain answers with minimal effort or understanding.


Don't take this the wrong way.

There are many other people who do learn from the 'experts' here and they are the ones that I, for one, try to give most attention to. 

I, and the other answerers, get a real buzz out of sharing our knowledge and our enthusiasm with other budding mathematicians.

 Nov 27, 2018
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