The quadratic function d(s) -0.0065s^2 + 0.14s models the relationship between the stopping distance, d, in metres and speed,s, in kilometres per hour in a driving car. What is the fastest you can drive and still be able to stop within 60m?

 May 27, 2021

You are given   d=60     find   s   by using the equation


But I think there is a typo in your equation...I will answer with an = rather than a minus sign

60 = - .0065 s^2  + .14s


0 = - .0065 s^2 + .14s -60    Use quadratic formula to find   s = imaginary numbers

                something is wrong with your equation as you typed it.....   if I use d in km    I get 21.1kilometers/hr   which I think is incorrect too



Please proofread your question......  is 's' really km/hr  ?  Is  d really meters ?   Is the equation correct?


If the equation is     d = .0065s^2 + .14s      THEN I get   s = 85.9 kilometers /hr

 May 27, 2021
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