Avery planned a circular garden and path as shown below. The radius of the garden is 4 feet and the path around the garden is 2 feet wide. What is the total area of the garden and path? (Use 3.14 for mc008-1.jpg and round to the nearest tenth.)

 May 1, 2019

Um, I don't have a picture, so I'm just going to solve assuming there that the garden is a perfect circle with a perfect circle path going around it.


So the garden is obviously pi(4)^2 = 157.9136704174297379 


However, according to my assumptions, the garden path is going around the garden which just forms a bigger circle. So you can just think that there is one big circle with a radius of 6.


pi(6)^2 = 355.3057584392169103


355.3 feet^2 is what I believe is the answer.



If you can, upload the picture or give us a link so we can confirm.

 May 4, 2019

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