Which function has a derivative this is equal to 5 when x = 2? 


a) g(x) = x^3-1 

b) h(x) = \(1 \over x+1\)

c) f(x) =x^2+1 

d) f(x) = 5x-3 


I don't know if it's the wording, but I'm really confused on this. I found the derivative of each one at x =2 and none gives me 5. 

Julius  Mar 8, 2018

I agree, Julius......none  = 5   when  x  = 2


If the third one were  x^2  +  x.....it would work.....



coolcool cool

CPhill  Mar 8, 2018

Ohhh I get it. It's d. Because the derivative of that is f'(x) = 5 so whatever value of x will always give us 5. Thanks for helping me through that :) 

Julius  Mar 8, 2018

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