May 14, 2021

There is already an answer on the link you posted, but I will try to solve it here.


"On the day after Halloween, Kabir had 5 times as much candy as Sam. If Kabir gives 18 pieces of candy to Sam, they will each have the same amount. How many pieces of candy do they have in all?"



If we make a variable for the number of candies Sam has, s, we can put everything in terms of s when we solve this. Because we know that Kabir had 5 times as much candy as Sam, we can make that expression:


5x = Kabir's candy


Now, we can figure out the second equation needed to figure out the answer. If Kabir gives Sam 18 candies, they will have the same amount. So:


5x - 18 = 3x

(I got 3x by dividing the total amount of candy by two, because they will have the same amount of candy once the exchange is done)


Now, we can solve the equation for x.


5x - 18 = 3x


(Subtract 3x from both sides)


2x - 18 = 0


(Add 18 to both sides)


2x = 18


(Divide both sides by 2)


x = 9


Now we can figure out the total amount by multipling x by 6. As I said above, the total amount of candy is 6x.




6x = Total


6 * (9) = Total


56 = Total



The total amount of candy that both boys have is 56 pieces of candy.

 May 14, 2021

I think you meant 54, but good job! laugh

MathProblemSolver101  May 14, 2021

Oh, right! I can't exactly edit my answer now for some reason, but 54 is indeed what I meant smiley

NotGuest  May 17, 2021
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Thanks for your efforts Notguest but please next time answer on the original thread.

It would be nice if you went back to the original and put another post linking your answer here with the others.

I mean a post with a link to your answer here.

 May 15, 2021

Alright, but the thing is, there was already an answer that mostly gives my reasoning on the same thread in the link posted at the time of my post here, so would it still be wise to put a link there? I also have no way of knowing that the person who wrote that thread was the same as the one who wrote this one, because they could have created an account in the time in between. I was just explaining here so that the person who wrote this thread would definitely see my answer, but I'll post a link there anyways.

NotGuest  May 17, 2021

You can leave a little note on this thread to say that you have answered on the original. (That is what I do) 

That way at least anybody who is perusing questions can see all of the answers that have been provided.



I have not looked at any of the answers in full but if your answer is the same as another earlier one, what was the purpose in providing it again?

I see your answer has a lot of detail and that is great and maybe that really did help the asker .... but maybe you could consider asking the poster what it is that he/she does not understand about the earlier answers.

Sometimes it can be something quite simple, that more detail still does not address.

If you can get the asker to interact with you you will be able to teach them MUCH more effectively.


Anyway, thanks for providing such a detailed answer.    laugh

Melody  May 18, 2021

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