At an amusement park, the probability that a child eats a hot dog and drinks a soda pop is 0.48. The probability that a child eats a hot dog is 0.59, and the probability that a child drinks soda pop is 0.88. What is the probability (rounded to the nearest hundredth) that a child drinks soda pop given that the child has already eaten a hot dog?





failurewithasmile  Apr 15, 2017

Let A  = P(hot dog)  = .59

Let B  = P(soda pop)   = .88

And let P(A and B)  = .48


And we want to find this


P(B l A)  =   P(A and B) / P(A)   =   .48 / .59   =  .2832  ≈  .28




cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 15, 2017

Chris, why are you doing all of Failurewithasmile's homework for her ?


I have never even seen her say please or thank you.... (not to you or to MJ or to anywone else) !

More importantly l have never seen her query an answer which suggests rather plainly that she is not learning anything at all, she is just cheating.


Failurewithasmile be warned, if you continue to spam the forum like this the Ghost of Web2 is likely to retaliate and your questions may all disappear.

Melody  Apr 15, 2017

Actually I have thanked both many times so maybe you shouldn't assume things just like you assumed my gender. I'm actually learning thanks to Chris's explanations.

failurewithasmile  Apr 15, 2017

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