At the Smith, Inc. company, the number of employees needed to work per year is modeled by the function f(x).




Which statements are true about the number of employees?


Select each correct answer.


The company started with 20 employees.

The maximum number of employees for the company is 500.

The third year is the first year in which the company will have more than 100 employees.

The rate of the number of employees per year increases for all values of x.

Guest Mar 11, 2018

At year ZERO    x = 0   

Substituting this into the equation yields

f(x) = 500/20 = 25  employees


At year 2  (x=2)   yields   74  

At year 3   (x=3)  yields   employees = 120


After sa certain number of years the  e^-0.6x becomes very very small  (~0) and the maximum employees (500) will be reached.




Can you pick out the true statements now?

ElectricPavlov  Mar 11, 2018

Urm, the second and third statements are correct?

Guest Mar 11, 2018

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