There are several things that I want to say to you or talk to you about in the next few days.

The first thing I would like you to think about is how you phrase your questions and how polite you are being.

The people answering your questions are giving you their time, and sharing their knowledge with you, PURELY because they are very generous people who want to help.

Please be respectful and phrase your questions very politely.

Also, there is a preview button at the bottom of the page.
Check that your question displays properly before you post it.

If you already do these things, thankyou, we appreciate it.


Also, I am trying really hard to get people to use the 'sup' button which is located just above the smilies.
It makes it much easier to read your questions and answers. It also cuts down on misinterpretation of your questions.
If you want to enter x^2, it is better written as x 2.
To do this you enter x then you hit the 'sup' button, the curser will automatically move to where you need to enter 2.
Once the 2 is there just move your curser to the end and keep going. It is quite quick when you get used to it.

Thank you everyone . Without you there would be no forum.
 Feb 2, 2014
 Feb 3, 2014

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