primero, estoy de acuerdo con el invitado en el último hilo "¿qué?" pero tengo una pregunta, sorry, here is transslation for people: i agree with the guest in the latest thread what?!, but i have a question.


here is the question: 


0000=0                 0100=4

0001=1                 0101=5

0010=2                 0110=6

0011=3                 0111=7



 May 4, 2022

these are just numbers in binary. (base 2)


\(7=4+3+1 = 1*2^2+1*2^1+1 = 211\\ 17=16+1 = 1*2^4+0*2^3+0*2^2+1 = 1001\)


Now I have given you 2 examples you and work out what 12 is in base 2

 May 5, 2022

Gracias pero, i know the answer already it is 1100 i just had to see if anyone else got it or simply if they understood, but before i post i knew. I am a how do you say it, i go on different help me websites and ask questions i already know the answer to and see how good and quick the website is. So, Gracias, you've shown me that this website is a good one.

Guest May 6, 2022

This website is like all free help websites.

You can get polite answers or rude answer,

Correct answers or incorrect answers.

It is the individual answerer that dictates this.  Not the site.


My attitude is that it is up to the asker to assess whether the answer is of value or not.

All answers need to be checked, not just copied.

If people copy incorrect answers then it serves them right.

Melody  May 7, 2022

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