I'm back from a 3 week-long camp wilderness and survival camp. There are two main parts of the camp:


Trip - A 6 day-long hiking and canoeing adventure through the wilderness. We drank bleached river water, and it tasted horrible. The mosquitos were relentless and I looked like I had chickenpox after I came back.


Camp -  This is the two weeks and one day part of the camp, where you can take classes to learn skills such as riflery, archery, crafts, swimming, climbing, and so much more. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot. We had something called "solid rock" in the morning where you wake up 5:30 to run 1.5 miles and swim in freezing lake water, it was quite tough. Not only that, there was something called "leap of faith" as a challenge during the end of camp. This is where you climb up a telephone pole with your cabin mates holding your harness (which is why its called Leap of Faith) and you JUMP off and grab a flag.


Overall, this camp has changed me in many different ways and helped me connect more with nature.




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 Aug 12, 2019
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Hey....that sounds like a ot of fun.....(except the  mosquito part )


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 Aug 12, 2019

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