There are a lot of people making posts who have not gone through the formalities of becoming a member.

There are some big benefits to joining up.

1) It is a little easier to make a post.
2) You can add attachments. I don't think that you can do that if you are not a member. I use attachments all the time. I'd feel like a cripple if I couldn't do that.
3) Once you have made a post you can edit it if you are a member. I edit my post all the time. I would hate not to be able to do that.
4) You can also delete your post so long as no-one has answered you yet.
5) No-one else can use your username
6) You can send and receive private messages to and from other people and make real friends. I know that I have.

We would really like you to formally join our community.
Please, join up today.

 Feb 13, 2014
It also means that you get the best response possible, than if it is a post by adfaiewfn, asking what 2+2 is again. Sure some of you might ask that question seriously, but ssee the difference between asdgfadfgja and Joe who has a few posts to his name?
 Feb 13, 2014

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