A cat is discovered with a very short tail. What would prove that this change was caused by a genetic mutation and not because the cat lost most of its tail at some point in its life? 

Question 8 options:

a physical examination of the cat 

checking offspring for short tails 

waiting to see if the tail grows back 

a physical examination of the cat’s siblings 

 Apr 18, 2018

I'm not a biology expert but here is what I know:


A physical examination of the cat can determine if the cat has any injuries, for example a bite from a predator that caused the tail to come off. This might help with determining whether the change was caused by a genetic mutation or it was due to an accident. 


Checking offspring also might help. A genetic mutation has a chance to be passed on to the next generation, but the offspring might also mutate. 


The rest is not as helpful.


I think it is either a or b. 


I hope this helped! :)

 Apr 18, 2018

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