What do brackets do differently than parentheses?

Guest Apr 10, 2017

It can group parentheses together like how parantheses group numbers.

Snappingtunic99  Apr 10, 2017

In a problem like this:

2[ x + 5 / (4 - x) + 6(3x) ]


Parenthesees and brackets mean the exact same thing.


It is just easier to see and understand when using a different-looking symbol instead of putting a bunch of sets of parenthesses inside each other.


But if you are talking about in interval notation,

brackets mean "inclusive" and parenthesees mean "exclusive."


The interval [ -5 , 8 )

is all numbers from -5, including -5, up to 8, but not including 8.

hectictar  Apr 10, 2017

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