The following data represent the number of Pen drives sold per day at a local
computer shop and their daily average sales prices after bargain. (10 marks)
Price of each pen drive (x)     Units Sold (y)
INR 340                                        3

       360                                        4
       320                                        6
       350                                        5
       300                                        9
       380                                        2
       400                                        1


Develop a least-squares regression line and explain what the slope of the line


Compute the coefficient of determination and comment on the
strength of relationship between x and y.

akhilmaharshi7  May 29, 2017


The least squares line is :


y  =  -0.0736x+29.9734


The slope indicates (generally) that as the price increases, the number of units sold decreases


The correlation coefficient, r,  is  :  -0.927709243408


The coefficient of determination  = r^2  ≈ .86.....I believe this means that the dependent variable can be strongly predicted from the independent variable


A method for calculating the regression line can be fond here :






cool cool cool

CPhill  May 29, 2017

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