Thank you web2.0calc, for your amazing help and efforts by all mods and guests who make this website a better place. Since I am really busy with school work and all, I'll be leaving web2.0calc for a short time(1 month), and will return happier than ever.


Thank you Mods for answering my questions, especially, (Melody, CPhill, Alan, Asinus, Omi67), with detail and a sense of beauty in the words of the solutions.


Also, thank you, users, (hectictar, heureka, MaxWong, GYanggg, TheXSquaredFactor, and many other users), for also taking the time to answer my questions! 


Same with you, guests; although it will be better if you upgraded yourself to a normal user!


Thank you, everyone! I hope I wasn't a pain in the neck here, cheeky for you guys!


Remember, always: "Most people quit because they look how far they have to go, not how far they have come."


So, Never Give Up!


See you guys later, 

tertre, smileysmiley

 Jul 13, 2018

Thanks Tertre and I'll you again soon.    laugh


You are a great asset to this forum so I will very much look forward to your return :)


I hope all your endeavours in the near (and far) future are very successful .      wink smiley laugh

 Jul 13, 2018

It's been a joy  - and sometimes a real challenge  - to answer your questions, Tertre.....You have also provided some very good  solutions to many of the questions others have posted on the forum, as well.


So......Thanks for the kudos...and.....


See you on your return.....!!!!



cool cool cool

 Jul 13, 2018

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