A function s(t) represents the position of an object based on time t in seconds.  Determine what the following represent in the context of the problem.


Julius  Feb 18, 2018

a) Represents the positoin of the object at 5 seconds


b) Represents the average velocity between 5 and 22 seconds


c) Represents the average velocity between  -2  and 4 seconds


d)  Represents the instantaneous velocity at  3 seconds



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 18, 2018

Okay, so this what got me a bit confused: 


How can there be -2 seconds in a real-life problem? 

Julius  Feb 18, 2018

Zero time is arbitrary......  say you are running for a while and cross a line.....we can call that time zero...you were running before you crossed that line....you were running at time t = -2    and time = -10 etc.


Or consider rocket launches where they say t-minus 4    t-3   t-2  t-1   ignition !   time zero is ignition in this case ....but things were going on during t-3  t-2  t = -1   etc

ElectricPavlov  Feb 18, 2018
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