This is something that happened in math class today. If you enter the equation, (-27)^(2/3), into your calculator, you will get an error. However, this should not happen. What happens when the equation is expanded and then solved? 

= ((-27)^(1/3))^2) 
= (cubed root (-27)) ^ 2 
= (-3) ^ 3 
= 9 

Using the original equation: 
My calculator says, "Domain Error"  Turing says, "Attempt to raise a negative number to a real exponent." 
it returns 1 in Ruby  Google calculator says, "(-27)^(2 / 3) = -4.5 + 7.79422863 i" I thought I would post this on a programming forum because I believe this is programming related and has to do with how calculators deal with powers. Does anyone understand why an error is occurring?


Any help will be apprecited.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 




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Thank you.



 Jun 25, 2018

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