I was on the internet randomly searching for derivative worksheets to practice AP Calculus AB when I came across this:

\(f\left(t\right)=\sin ^5\left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right)\)

I used the triple composite function of chain rule two times to solve this:

\(\frac{d}{dt}\left[\sin ^5\left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right)\right]\)

Apply advanced chain rule:


\(u\left(t\right)=e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\)

\(v\left(t\right)=\sin \left(t\right)\)


The function can be rewritten using these three function as:



Unsubstitute \(u(t), v(t), \)and \(w(t)\), I got:

\(\frac{d}{dt}\left[\sin ^5\left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right)\right]\)

\(=4\left(\sin ^4\left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right)\right).\cos \left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right).\frac{d}{dx}\left[e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right]\)

Applying chain rule for the second time on \(e^{t^2}\)



The function \(e^{t^2}\) can be rewritten as:


Apply regular chain rule:


Unsubstitute \(x(t)\) and \(y(t)\), I got


\(\frac{d}{dt}\left[-\cos \left(t\right)\right]=\sin \left(t\right)\)

Place the solved integral back:

\(\frac{d}{dt}\left[\sin ^5\left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right)\right]\)

\(=4\left(\sin ^4\left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right)\right).\cos \left(e^{t^2}-\cos \left(t\right)\right).\left(2te^{t^2}+\sin \left(t\right)\right)\)

Yet when I compare the correct answer to my answer, my answer seems to be constantly about 3/5 times the correct answer's value, I stared eye-to-eye to my process for three hours but can't find any problems, can I get anyone's help? :P

People who can help me will be highly-appreciated :D

 Aug 7, 2017
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The 4 out the front should be a 5. I assume this is a careless oversight on your part.


\(y=(sinu)^5\\ \frac{dy}{du}=5(sinu)^4\)


I have answered it myself and the rest of your answer is correct.  (I only compared our end end results.)


I also double checked with Wolfram Alpha and it agrees too



 Aug 7, 2017
edited by Melody  Aug 7, 2017

Oh yes I didn't notice that XD I'm so dumb, I appreciate you and your sharp eyes!

 Aug 7, 2017

You are far from dumb. :)

Sometimes when a person makes a trivial mistake like that it can be very difficult for the person to detect the error. And yes it is  can feel a little humiliating when the mistake is pointed out. But don't fret, we all do it from time to time :)

Melody  Aug 7, 2017

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