1. What is the component form of the vector represented by 6a when a--> = (-2,3)     <--those have triangle brackets



Vectors the one area in this unit im having trouble with, it would be really appreciated if someone could walk me through this type of problem so i can do it myself :)

 Jun 16, 2020

Component form of a two-dimensional vector is (a, b), where a and b are real numbers.


First, we want to know what does (-2, 3) mean. It means the direction "two units to the left, and three units upwards".


The result of multiplying this vector by 6 means that going "two units to the left and three units upwards" 6 times.


In total, you would have gone 12 units to the left and 18 units upwards, which is (-12, 18)

 Jun 17, 2020

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