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I don't know what to do

 Jan 10, 2019

1. AD is parallel to  BC

    AB is parallel to  DC                                                 Definition of a parallelogram


2. Extend segment CB in the direction of B to E                        A line connects any two poins


3. Angle ABE = Angle DAB             A transversal cutting parallel lines form equal alternative ineterior angles


4. Angle CBE = 180                       Definition of a straight angle                           


5. m Angle CBA + m Angle ABE = m Angle CBE         Angle addition postulate


6.   m Angle CBA + m Angle ABE = 180                   Substitution    


7.  Angle CBA is spplemental to angle  ABE       Definition of supplemental angles


8. Angle DAB is supplemental to angle CBA       Substitution


9. Angle BCD = Angle DAB        Opposite angles in a parallelogram are congruent


10. Angle  BCD is supplemental to Angle CBA      Substitution




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 Jan 10, 2019
edited by CPhill  Jan 10, 2019

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