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1. Taylor graphs the system below on her graphing calculator and decides that f(x)=g(x) at x=0, x=1, and x=3. Provide Taylor some feedback that explains which part of her answer is incorrect and why it is incorrect.




2. Your friend, Taylor, missed class today and needs some help identifying solutions to systems. Explain to Taylor how to find the solution(s) of any system using its graph.

 Feb 1, 2019


Set f(x) = g(x)

2x + 1 = 2x^2 + 1    rearrange as


2x^2 - 2x = 0         factor


2x ( x - 1) = 0


Setting each factor to x and solving for x gives that  x = 0   and x = 1

x= 3 is incorrect




2.  The intersection points  of the graphed functions (if any) will be the solution point(s)



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 Feb 1, 2019

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