Can somebody please help me? Match each inequality with its graph

 Feb 11, 2021

Here is a 'starter hint'    A  and  B   graphs do not include the line so the equation has no = in it ...it is either <   or  > only.....

  Another hint: only line c has negative slope


can you solve these now?

 Feb 11, 2021

Can you help me better? sorry

joeman365  Feb 11, 2021

Hi Joe,

You do not seem to have any of the necessary pre-learning


Here is the first graph.



The line is dotted, which means it is not included in the region so the inequality sign cannot have an equal in it.  So now you are down to 2 possibilities.

A   Which are those?



Forget about the inequality sign for a moment, think of them as equal signs.  


B  Now rearrange each of those two possibilities into the from   y=mx+b     where m is a number (the gradient) and b is a number (the y intercept)


C  Does the line on the graph have a positive or a negative slope?


D  It appears to cross the x axis at -1.5    and the  y axis at 2   so what is the gradient?   


E  What is the equation of the line?


F  Which is the only inequation that could be correct?  


G  The point (0,0) is in the region, so test it on the inequality you decided upon and sut it in to see if it makes the inequality true.


You did not need to do every one of these steps to get the right answer.  But you do need to be able to do every one of these steps to answer all the questions on this knowledge base.


Now if you are truly interested in learning, and not just getting answers, then you will respond to each one of my questions, A to G.


Please do not make any new question posts today.  You can ask questions on/about the posts that you have made though.

 Feb 12, 2021

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