the radius of a circle measures 11 inches a central angle measuring 5pie/9 cuts off a sector

what is the area of the sector?

enteer your answer as a simplified fraction in the boc 

area= answer inches squared 


i got 605pie/18 

im not sure if its right tho 

 Aug 21, 2021

Yes, it's right (though it's better to write pi, not pie!).

 Aug 21, 2021

oh awsome thanks the whole inches squared thing after the box were i put my answer in had me worried 

i'll start right pi from now on :D

lendsey  Aug 21, 2021

Area is always   unit2         like    in2      cm2       yard2     etc

   VOLUME is always   unit3


UNITS in your answer are VERY important in the real world !


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Guest Aug 21, 2021

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