Thank you so much

Guest Apr 2, 2018

Is it 3? Bottom base: 4+9=13, right-angled triangle, so z=12, x=5. If we know one side is 5, and the other side is 4, y=3..

tertre  Apr 2, 2018

Let's look at this one closely......


Here's a pic :



We have  altitude  BC  drawn to a right angle in  triangle ABD

Note that triangle ABC  is similar to triangle CBD




AB / BC  = CB / BD     which implies that


4 / BC  = BC / 9        cross-multiply


36  = BC^2       take the square root of both sides


6  = BC  = "y"


Thus,  altitide BC in  this situation serves as a geometric mean to the two bases of each of the smaller triangles formed





cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 2, 2018

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