How do I solve for x the following equation


Thanks very much in advance!

sasaki.dnz  Jun 30, 2017

As follows:



Alan  Jul 1, 2017

Thanks for your answer.


"However, x_2 is only valid when m is an odd integer."


This may be a silly question, but could you explain to me why that is the case? Thanks.

sasaki.dnz  Jul 1, 2017

Easiest way to see this is to look at some numerical examples.  In the matrices below you can see that the LHS = RHS for all values of m for x1, but LHS = RHS only for odd values of m for x2.


(The first column of a matrix below is m, the second is the LHS of your original equation, the third is the RHS)


Alan  Jul 1, 2017

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