Simplify 9a+2b-8a-3b


Simplify 9a+5b+7a+8b

Guest Sep 30, 2017

1. 9a+2b-8a-3b


To make things easier, put like terms together (so according to their unknown).

  9a+2b-8a-3b ≡ 9a-8a+2b-3b


Now you can easily see what to subtract, and what to add.


eg: 9a-8a = 1a (or 'a')

      2b-3b = -1b (or '-b')


Which means the simplified format for 9a+2b-8a-3b is a-b.



2. 9a+5b+7a+8b


ans = 16a+13b

Guest Sep 30, 2017

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