The six faces of a three-inch wooden cube are each painted red. The cube is then cut into one-inch cubes along the lines shown in the diagram. How many of the one-inch cubes have red paint on at least two faces?

 Jul 15, 2020
edited by Unicornrabbit  Jul 15, 2020


20.  The center cube on each edge and each corner. 


The 12 center cubes on the edges are red on two sides.

The   8 corner cubes are red on three sides. 

The   6 center squares on each face are red on one side. 

The   1 cube on the inside did not get painted. 


 Jul 15, 2020

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Would somebody please tell me what's wrong with that answer?  Why would anybody give it a negative heart, or whatever you call them here?  It's easy to tell that the majority of questions here are posted by children, but math kids are nice, and that any of them would be mean comes as a surprise.  I started volunteering here because I have a passion to help people.  I don't get paid for doing this, and I don't even expect gratitude, but is it too much to expect civility? 


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