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In a 6 by 6 grid, how many pathways can be drawn from S to F, S is the top left corner and F is the bottom right corner (always moving to the right or down) that cross the main diagonal at least once? (You can use the Catalan sequence for this question, but it is possible to solve without it.) Don't try drawing all the pathways! 

(A) 520 
(B) 610 
(C) 630 
(D) 660 
(E) 720

 Jan 21, 2018

Well . . . . What do you know? You told us where the @#$* S and F are. How sweet!

You could have just appended it to your previous post.

 Jan 21, 2018
edited by Melody  Jan 22, 2018

sorry, my bad.

jonathanxu999  Jan 23, 2018

Why do you give guest a thumbs down Jonathon. He /she is right!

You did not even offer an appology on or for your former post! 

Why should you have appologize I hear you ask .. Because you wasted the time of everyone who read it!

 Jan 22, 2018

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