Hello, this is Titanium Rome, live from the Pacific Ocean in Titanium Industries! Titanium Industries, a company that makes the Forum's ultimate nuclear weapons and armor, has joined me today for today's news report in an island in Japan!

Anyways, onto the news:

Article #1: The P**n Rebellion: Part II

Thanks to the creator of the website, anonymous users may no longer post pictures of p**n! Yea!!!!!!! this means the anonymous users start to lose power and the Council regains some of the lost power.

The Crisis is over...for now...

Article #2: Titanium Industries

In order to prepare for the next crisis in the future, this Forum needs one thing: WEAPONS!

Thanks to Titanium Industries, we now have a new line-up of nuclear weapons and armor provided to the Forum members in the new update, along with other gadgets. Here they are:

Line Up #1: Anti-Dating Weapons

#1-Dater Hater! Designed to get rid of all of the daters. It's fine to date in PM, but the dating shall be private, not in the Forums! If it happens in the Forums, prepare for the...

#2:Last Kiss! If someone has been caught violating the law, this gun will be unleashed, so if you died with this gun, was it worth your "Last Kiss"? XD That's what I thought

Line Up #2-The Crystal Generation

#3:The Crystal Crossbow! A beginner's weapon, this has been designed as a starter for beginners into nuclear warfare and as a BACK-UP for professionals! Unlike all the other guns, this piece of beauty has UNLIMITED AMMUNITION!

#4:Crystal Combat Rifle! Maybe it isn't crystal, but it's got crystal bulets and ammunition! It's a primary weapon for the middle people that have graudated from Beginner's Class (Newb or noob is not acceptable to say! That's my line!)

#5: The Crystal Saber! Yes, the crystal did indeed come from space! This is a meele weapon and a axe thingy weapon, meaning that you can use it as a sword or katana, and you can also throw it like an axe! And no, it's not a "lightsaber!"

Line Up #3-Ancient World

#6: The Catauna! If for some reason the Crystal Saber was "too fancy", then you can live in Ancient Japan, when samurais used katanas. The Catauna does more damage than the Crystal Saber, but be warned that it is only designed for slicing and stabbing.

#7: Desert Eagle! This ancient James Bond weapon has spreaded to the world! So, go be an agent and k**l any suspicious villans!

Line Up #4: Nuclear Stage

#8: Laser Minigun! this baby shoots 8 lasers at once and does total destruction! A perfect weapon if you are terrible at aiming people, because these lasers shoots at different directions!

#9: Prototype! If you are highly experienced and don't find any of our weapons satisfying, you can always use our Prototype! This thing, is so overpowered, which is why it is a prototype, but it does a heck of a lot damage, so go big, or go to camp! (The Prototype is a prototype of the laser Minigun)

#10: Crystal Armor! With crystal Boots, Leggings, Chestplate, Helmet, and a Crystal Cape, you are ready for advanced warfare. Unlike all ,the other armor by other militaries which doesn't protect you at all, this armor is 95% titanium, and 4% steel, and 1% crystal, making this armor overpowered!

#11: Gernade! Who needs a gun or a sword when you can fight with gernades and nuclear bombs!? This gernade is designed for those crazy people! Always bring a few gernades when in battle, because you never know if you'll run out of ammunition or if your sword breaks!

That's some advanced tech there! Well, moving on,

Article #3: Heather Feather Update:

There has been recent rumors saying that an imposter or future Heather has arrived at last! I don't know how that can happen but that's what happened! We need to investigate on that!

That's all for now! Titanium Rome, out!

Come back on Sunday for the next report!

Did you know that?: Today, April 30th, 2015, will be the 70th Anniversary since Fuhrer Adolf H****r vanished from the world, in April 30th, 1945! Now you know!

Next Report Sneak Peek: Next up, we will investigate the case of Heather Feather, while looking at customer reviews from the Forum Members of the new Titanium Industries Line Up weapons!

 May 1, 2015

Best Answer 


thx! stay tuned on sunday for the Heather Feather case!

 May 1, 2015

Not much going on in rome is their........Ill give you hustle points however and commend you for putting this much work into this

 May 1, 2015
Best Answer

thx! stay tuned on sunday for the Heather Feather case!

TitaniumRome May 1, 2015

i refuse to accept the fact that Heather feather is actually me from the future

 May 1, 2015

Its cool how you put your time into this...


But does it matter..??

 May 1, 2015

first of all, yes it does matter. without Titanium Industries the Forums will face a new crisis. these weapons will be used for the next Crisis, for total damage!

second of all, this took me about 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes to download the pictures (they are in the game Pixel Gun 3D though). i just had the time to do it, besides I had to upload the news reoprt

come back on Sunday for the next one, on the Heather Feather case

and, thx for the compliments!

 May 1, 2015

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