Hello, Citizens of the Magical Realm of Camelot, this is Heather "Feather" live from the new studio, this time it moved all the way from Japan to London, England. Well, we have some news to report.

Article #1: The War (Has Ended)

At 6 P.M. on 5/9/15. the Empire of Royality has finally stopped advancing and has given back the lost land of Camelot to Queen Melody I. They have planned cruises since that day and Rosala is currently doing some paperwork before leaving Neu Alcatraz. She will be back home later today. The Empire of Royality has finally stopped the warfare and they have won, even though there has been no outcome since the Moderators, or as the empire calls them "The Corps of 5", are still in charge.

Article #2: My B-Day

So, we had the war, and Mother's day just ended, but one holiday is coming up this Friday: My B-Day

I might be doing a face-reveal that day, but if you are dying for some reason to see my face, then thumbsup this post.

I also will be holding a chat b-day party that day.

Article #3: Empire Night

This Wednesday, not only is it hump day, but it's also Empire night, when the Empire of Royality gathers around and celebrate their years of reign. This would be the 5th night of reign.

That's all for now. Come back later this week for more Channel 21 news

I am Heather Feather, logging out.

HeatherF  May 11, 2015

Thank you for that update Heather.  

The Queen always need to be kept informed of all Camelot's proceedings.

Yours truely

Queen Melody I    (I was Queen Guinevere but now I have yet another identity)   I like it!  

Melody  May 11, 2015

i thumbs up. even though i know you:

i still want everyone to see your face! 

anyways, nice job on the reports.

TitaniumRome  May 11, 2015

Your welcome, Queen.

also, thx titanium.

omg. 9 likes. Everyone really wants to see my face lol.

HeatherF  May 11, 2015

Mmm   I like being a Queen again  :))

Thanks Heather 

Melody  May 12, 2015

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