part 2 of my worksheet i have gotten this far 


scenario: https://prnt.sc/qqys9x

(image by Melody)  https://prnt.sc/qqyttv


question 1:  Daniel can jog at 4 miles per hour. How many minutes does it take him to jog from the boat ramp to the campsite? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.


My answer is 3.52 mins 



question 2 :  Daniel arrives at his campsite out of breath from his swim and jog. His sister tells him that he should have swam to the boat ramp that is only 200 feet from the campsite and then jogged. She claims that he would have arrived quicker this way.

Is Daniel’s sister correct? Support your answer mathematically.


I need help with the second question any help would be appreciated! 

 Jan 21, 2020

Few questions with this. First, in Melody's diagram, it says meters... it is supposed to be feet right? Also, the campsite is which point in the diagram?

 Jan 21, 2020

My diagram was only for the first part of the question.

Melody  Jan 22, 2020

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