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Each of these sentences provided may contain a grammar or usage error. Read each sentence and identify it's error by selecting the best answer choice. If there is no error, then choose the option "No error".


1. Each year, the common cold keeps more people home from work than any other sickness.



Keeps more people

The common cold

Each year

Any other sickness

No error

My answer=Each year( because of theres no reason for the comma after the word 'year') Am I correct?


2. Moving to a new town and making new friends are difficult for people of any age.



Are difficult

People of

Making new friends

Moving to a new town

No error

My answer= Are difficult (Because it's supposed to be 'is difficult' which makes more sense) Am I correct? 


I appreciate checking my work, thanks.

 Feb 14, 2018
edited by Guest  Feb 14, 2018

1. No error, because I believe it's an adverbial phrase of time so it should need a comma because it's at the beginning of the sentence.

2. Are difficult

 Feb 15, 2018

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