Hellloooo people.....


i know youve been haivng a busy day .....but weekend has come!well i may not be right becoz ive been hearing of some holidays in foreign countries!ah what am i talking about)!


well anyways...as a good news my exams have fnished and for a bad news i will get the sheets on monday!this day is scariest day of every students life!


you know when we were all leaving the classrooms, i heard teachers joking, that kids are saying "oh atlast independence day has come" well yeah, exams are no less than a prison!(a tempeory one ;)


you might be thinking why am i sooooo happy rigth now.....i am becoz i had just staightened my hair and it looked so long (it normally does but this time extraordinary) and i measured it and it had grown 16 centimeters more..........well becoz this is a math foruma and we have all the geniuses presetn here they can find out the lenth if i just tell, its less than 90 centimeters!


im so happy!


i had been waiting for these days for centuries and now they have come.....now a days im just surfing on the net and seeing videos of awesoe hairstyles!i dont know why ive got soooo involved in all this...but however it is...it feels aweosme!before i didnt even bother about my hair..i was like...i hate my hair they are so fat i cant make any hairstyle with them...and now im like..plss plss god make my hair smooth!


 i ....like this change!before i didnt knew how to even make a pony now i know what others dont know!its funny!

now what im looking forward os for sily hair...and some shiny too.....thats all i want...yeah and some dying too....if my parents allow....(just kidding). you knowi feel i can be a stylist....but i just discovered i can only work with my hair...no ones elses!


wel ive found some awesoem styles....which i think youd enjoy to see even if you dont have long hair or if your a boy.........!



i give the links at the end when you all can catch your  breath!


Yeah!i always do that with no missing day!


You know pls someone suggest me what should i do.....im having the same problem....its so stressing!uh!


ive got that and done that many times!(but.......its pains aww!


thats a confusing question!


or maybe what a perfect family!


i write ten!(im an innocent kid )


its like doing math homework....one gone five left...i want my tv back!i made such posts during exams!


The FUTURE of web2.0calc! It would be fun....


And im a LOL person!



Its more like a "whats your train albus"?


Just the room .......of my dreams!ahhh!


Im not a big makeup fan but this.....this looks gorgeous..........someday id have it allllllllll



Nothing new!


When im alone at home....i dont even se the ads of scary movies....and change the channel with their banners!eee!


Thats what i always imagine to be my room...ah...half the Vegas would be in it!lol


Dont do it.....her spirit will not leave you in peace.........LOL(seriously)


eesh!not mine!(am a makeup-free girl)



Now for the bets joke!(in my opinion)




Everyone has had that moment to say this to their math teacher(or any other)...for me mathsand SST....they are a big bore.....not always tho!




So thats was it!



hope you all like it......


you know ive started to smell some burining subtance from my hair..its not a foul smell but a bit like burnt plastic!even tho i know that straightening my hair using a heating iron straightener would damage my hair i still do it...i just cant control myself!ive triend using straightening iron to curl my hair but it never does help, but int hose videos those girls do it so easily!


its still a big mystery!


A shop of side french braid!i mean types of side french braid!lol!


hardest thing for me...waterfall braid.....i can never do it


wet hair confusion....? just like me...check this out!


i searched for how to naturally straighten my hair but found no useful piece!before i had looked for how to natuurally curl my hair an di found so many!but they are overnight!only one is quick!but if you use your brian , i gues you cna make any unuseful piece useful!


here you can see four ways to curl hair overnight but trust me.i tried the sock one and it gave me no curls but just waves.....but it may give different result on different hair!


this one can be done fast!


m going to try this......pincurl.......looks not so hard!


this is useless...i always try it and always end up with messed hair...once i tried it for school and was almost gonna miss my bus....but still check it for ...your hands maybe different?


doing waterfall braid herself...!



you know i have many more...but i just dont wanna finish them in one day....saving is good!



ive seen so many styling videos that when i stand to make my hair im bank and donno which hairstyle to make!


so ive written all my tried and succeeded and knows styles on a paper!



So that was it...and 



enjoy your weekend!



$$Adios ;)$$























rosala  Mar 6, 2015

Hi Rosala,

Which room would you really rather have?   They were quite different from each other  ▔\▁〷●‿●〷▁/▔

Melody  Mar 7, 2015

i'd have the lights one.......the other one is kinda bit formal.....its good with family......but i like lights more




rosala  Mar 7, 2015

Yes, I would have been surprised if you liked the formal one better - it looks very sterile!   

Melody  Mar 7, 2015

Yes it is really boring a bit kinda I like lights To live alone that's fun! Which one do you like?

You know if that light one would be my room then I'd just add a dark blue fabric with shiny beads on it like diamonds and make my room glow like a night sky!awesome!

rosala  Mar 7, 2015

How about this room Rosala? Only mine would have more of a lived in feel about it. :)

Melody  Mar 7, 2015

this is good but id have this room only if im on a very strict routine.....i mean formalitis arent my thing a lot...but melody this might too costly, the more formal the more the cost!

rosala  Mar 7, 2015

Hi Rosala,

It was not the formality that I was admiring, it was the view and the big bearuiful verandah !!

And yes it would be far more expensive than what i could afford.  :((

Melody  Mar 7, 2015

oh view...yeah view is good....but im not a big fan of views o like some messy rooms....it may be expensive to live in but not too for a holidya becoz one gets bored of these too fast!dont you think?

rosala  Mar 7, 2015

Well I am sure that would be activities happening on the beach and near the shore. Plus you would be listening to the surf all the time.  No I do not think it would be boring.

However, since I am not really a beach person, I would prefer a view of a river or lake where there was lots of activities  (but no water skiing, because it is really noisy)

I would love to live on the edge of a beatiful lake or river or harbour.  :))


Yes my room would not look sterile like that one.  I would have all my things around me. :))

Melody  Mar 7, 2015

yeah all that would be really disturbing......i too dont like streile rooms i like a bit messed or filled room.....that one is definitely not my type!


but id like the same room to go on a vacation near a river or a lake when i can see fishes and breathe fresh air!

rosala  Mar 8, 2015

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