Radiochemical techniques are useful in estimating the solubility product of many compounds. In one experiment, 70.0 mL of 0.030 M AgNO3 solution containing a silver isotope with a radioactivity of 74,025 counts per min per mL were mixed with 300.0 mL of a 0.080 M NaIO3 solution. The mixed solution was diluted to 700.0 mL and filtered to remove all of the AgIO3 precipitate. The remaining solution was found to have a radioactivity of 44.4 counts per min per mL.

Guest Apr 22, 2017

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That sounds complicated....

Radioactivity..... mL......ok seriously its gonna take me a minute to answer this.........................

MysticalJaycat  Apr 22, 2017

It may take a very long time to answer this, because there really isn’t a question here. However, I can probably guess what it might be: The asker wants the Ksp

GingerAle  Apr 22, 2017

I gave up, but that makes sense

MysticalJaycat  Apr 22, 2017

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