This is part of a moles to moles worksheet I need help with.


Can someone help me with this problem, I don't know how to write down the "three moles of zinc and an excess of hydrochloric acid" part into a conversion equation.


iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 21, 2017
edited by iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 21, 2017

The reaction states that for every atom of zinc, there are 2 atoms of hydrochloric acid

since the units are the same, we can simply change "atoms" to "moles"

So: 1 mole Zn + 2 moles HCl works in the equation

Since we have 3 moles of zinc, we can just multiply each part of the chemical reaction by 3 (chemical reactions are kind of like equations).

2 mol Zn + 6 mol HCl --> 3 mol ZnCl2 + 3 mol H2

H2 is hydrogen gas

therefore: 3 mol of hydrogen gas are created

helperid1839321  Apr 21, 2017

Is this not sience or are you a greater grade than me BTW i am in 4th grade

Guest Apr 21, 2017

This is Chemistry, a class you should be in when you are in 10th grade.

iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 21, 2017

No, Its the class you should take after you finish watching breaking bad.

Guest Apr 22, 2017

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