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what is the mass, in grams, of a pure gold cube that has a volume of 4.50 cm^3(cubed)


i know that gold is 19.3  and the volume is 4.50 but how do i solve this by using density= mass/ volume


please help,


thank you :)

 Feb 1, 2019

Density = Mass / Volume              cross multiply

Mass =Volume x Density

Mass = 4.50 x 19.3 =86.85 grams.

 Feb 2, 2019

IF you use the units, you can easily figure this out (as well as other , more comlicated equations)

density =  19.3  gm /cm^3     if you multiply this by volume 4.5 cm^3      the   'cm^3'   cancels out and you are left with only grams as units


19.3 gm/ cm^3  *  4.5 cm^3 = 86.85 gm

 Feb 2, 2019

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