Clarence works at a coal mine 8 hours a day except for Friday where he works 9 hours, and his weekly job quota is to obtain 196 pieces of coal.


Clarence, on average, finds 4 pieces of coal every hour, but can only mine at a pace of 3 pieces of coal per hour; He will, however, work overtime in order to mine pieces of coal that he originally didn't get to but had found beforehand.


How many hours (rounded to the nearest quarter) will it take for Clarence to meet his quota and does he meet his quota?

CrazyChippy  Mar 5, 2017
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I'm assuming a 5-day work week...


The number of hours he works per week  =   4(8) + 9  = 41 hrs


If he mines 3 pieces per hour.....he mines  41(3)  =  123 pieces mined per week


And he has left to be mined = 41 pieces 


And it will take him    41/3  ≈ 13 + 2/3    overtime hours to mine all the coal he has found


So he mines 41(4)  = 164 pieces in  41 + 13 + 2/3  =  54 + 2/3 hours


Note that it will take him  196/3 ≈ 65 + 1/3 hours to meet his quota if he only mines 3 pieces per hour....thus....he cannot meet his quota, even with the overtime hours



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 5, 2017

Thanks! :D


-And yes, it was a 5-day work week. Probably should've specified that. :P

CrazyChippy  Mar 5, 2017

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