Our Underwater Basket-Weaving club has 12 members. In how many ways can 5 club members be chosen to attend a basket-weaving conference if Adi must attend the conference and Noor isn't willing to attend the conference?

If adi has to attend the conference there are 11 choose 4 ways to pick out the 4 other members
if noor isn't willing there are 10 choose 4 ways to pick out the other 4 members. 

After figuring out that information i don't know how to continue

 Aug 21, 2022

If Noor isn't willing to  attend.....then we only have 11 members to choose from


And since Adi must attend.....then  we only need to count the sets formed by  choosing any 4 of the remaining 10  (Adi is automatically included in  each set)




C (10,4)  =   210  ways



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 Aug 21, 2022

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