Compare the monthly payments and total loan costs for the following pairs of loan options. Assume that both loans are fixed rate and have the same closing costs.You need a ​$110,000 loan.Option​ 1: a​ 30-year loan at an APR of

8.5​%. Option​ 2: a​ 15-year loan at an APR of 8%.Find the monthly payment for each option.

The monthly payment for option 1 is ​$.

The monthly payment for option 2 is ​$

​(Do not round until the final answer. Then round to the nearest cent as​ needed.)

Guest Nov 1, 2017

Use this amortization table to calculate your monthly payments and compare them to the payments you get by using the monthly payment formula in your book.


Option 1:  http://www.calculator.net/amortization-calculator.html?cloanamount=110000.00&cloanterm=30&cinterestrate=8.5&printit=0&x=51&y=21


Option 2:  http://www.calculator.net/amortization-calculator.html?cloanamount=110000.00&cloanterm=15&cinterestrate=8&printit=0&x=63&y=22

Guest Nov 1, 2017

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