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I haven't learned about increasing/decreasing intervals yet, so I'm a little confused about this. Would the interval be where the line is located? Would the decreasing interval on the first one be y=-3? Please help me! Sorry

 Jan 16, 2019

Increasing interval =  where does graph rise???


Decreasing interval = where does the graph fall ???


Note that the intervals are stated along x.....but....we look at y to determine if the graph rises or falls

And we read the graph from left to right


First one : 


This graph never rises......

So....the decreasing interval  is  ( - inf, inf)


Second one

Increasing interval   = (-2, inf)     Note that when x > -2....the graph rises 

Decreasing interval = (-inf, - 2)   Note that when x < -2  .....the graph falls from (-inf, -2)


Third one


This graph never decreases.....we have a vertical asymptote at x = -2

So  it increases from (-inf, -2)   and  (-2, inf) 


Hope this is clear....



cool cool cool

 Jan 16, 2019

Yes, your explanation is clear and makes sense! Thank you for the help! Sorry for bothering you.

Guest Jan 16, 2019

LOL!!!.....that's what we're here for....!!!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jan 16, 2019

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