A median of a triangle is a line segment joining a vertex of a triangle to the midpoint of the opposite side. The three medians of a triangle are drawn below.


Note that the three medians appear to intersect at the same point! Let's try this out with a particular triangle. Consider the triangle ABC with A = (-5,4), B = (9,2), and C = (4,1).


(a) Let D, E, F be the midpoints of BC, AC, AB, respectively. Find the equations of medians AD, BE, and CF.

(b) Show that the three medians in part (a) all pass through the same point.

 Dec 30, 2022

Next time the image would be greatly appreciated, lets see what i can do..

What do you mean by finding the equation of the medians? I think it is how to find the medians

ok so find the midpoint of the line segments with this:


for part b thou, they intersect at \(\left(2.66666666666,2.3333333333\right)\)

 Dec 30, 2022

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